Hints for your free time

In the following lines you will find information about some exceptional sites nearby the hotel. Of course we cannot list them all. There are a lot of other places to be seen, such as the Zeche Zollverein, the Folkwang Museum amongst so many. It will be a pleasure for us to inform you about all those attraction when you are at the hotel so we can give you the information you exactly need. Here some highlights:

Panorama cycling path

Heiligenhaus is effectively a little hilly, which also makes the charm of the landscape. Nevertheless the area has a heart for cyclists. A few years ago the district opened this cycling path which is built on a former railway. It is located between Essen-Kettwig leads through Heiligenhaus, Velbert and Wülfrath and offers 40 kilometers of high quality path for many activities, such as inline skating, running, … and of course cycling.

Neanderland STEIG

Whether you just want hike with your family or test your physical condition, everything is possible at the Neander STEIG. 245 kilometers wait for you to be explored. There are many beautiful locations to discover and at the end of the day you can relax at the Waldhotel on the shady terrace…

Climbing park in the forest the “Waldkletterpark” in Velbert-Langenberg
The forest seems to be very quiet. Be aware : you are expected by the “Todesschleuder”, the “Xtreme-Parcours”, das Wakeboard and the Banana Jump to experience some special Adrenaline-kicks: 5 hektars of pure nature with many different climbing experiences for all levels. In any case a very special activity.

Waterskiing in Langenfeld

This is the place to either discover Waterskiing or try new tricks if you are already introduced to the sport. Wakeboarding is also possible. You can also rent the whole place for a day as a group, family or with friends and spend the day together rounding it up with a nice BBQ on the Waldhotel terrace.