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Relax at our spa area

Wellness in Waldhotel

If you look for inner peace or simply want to take a break you will find it in our private Wellness area. This area is reserved for you and equipped with state of the art wellness products such as Sauna, Steam bath, Massage bench as well as an Infrared cabin.
If you prefer sports activities to maintain your shape before that, our Gym will delight you with professional equipment. You can also simply take a walk or jog in the forest that surrounds the Waldhotel. Many other sports activities are all nearby.

Sauna and Steam Bath

For those who like the heat there are 3 different possibilities of relaxation in our Wellness area. 4 different applications at four different degrees of temperature. Below you will find a few explanations of our first two that have been installed by the leader of the market – The Sauna and the steam bath.

The Sauna
Sauna helps your health by cleaning the body and reinforcing your immune system. It also spends warmth for your personal comfort and relaxation and covers many other aspects of various therapies. The change between heat and cold increases blood circulation and the body is stimulated and relaxed at once.

The Steam bath
Enjoy the healing power of steam in our steam bath. Steam is a universal power. It drives locomotives, smooths out clothes and builds foam on the expresso. With all those relatively modern applications you almost forget a much older application of steam: As almost no other medium it can increase your well-being. It calms rheumatism, reliefs the respiratory tract, smoothens the skin, to name just a few of the virtues of steam.
On the following page you will find out more about our other warming wellness offers, the Infrared cabin.

Infrared Cabin

More relaxation possibilities with warmth and light are not far away from Sauna and steam bath in our wellness area.
The Infrared Fit- und Healthy cabin
Only 35 degrees Celsius are enough to increase your well-being in the Infrared cabin. The key is the depth of the warmth, which gives new energy and reliefs a lot of troubles. It calms back pain, helps against stress, strengthens the immune system. A perfect provision for health and fitness that can be enjoyed daily. Also a simple chroma (colour) therapy system enables to change the light colour of the cabin in order to choose the effect on your personal mood. Try it out. You will be surprised.

Fitness & massages

Increase your spiritual and physically wellbeeing

Fitness and Massage

Fitness is generally defined through the well-being of body and soul. Fitness is proven by efficiency and ability to take stress in everyday life. Fitness expresses the capability to handle difficult situations better and to push our limits further. In order for you to stay fit during your stay at the Waldhotel there is a special Fitness room just next to the Wellness area.

The Fitness room

Our Fitness room offers a variety of professional fitness tools. Home trainer, multifunctional apparatus, training bench and Co, give you the possibility to complete your personal training program, whether it is daily or weekly. But, do not exaggerate, especially if you are not experienced with this type of apparatus.

Of course you can also increase your Fitness with a walk through the forest next door or a run on it’s numerous paths. You may as well play a round of tennis at the Tennis Club, who offers special tariffs for our hotel guests. The Golf club which is located at 10 minutes by car also offers special rates on the green fee. You see The Waldhotel Heiligenhaus offers plenty of possibilities to relax and to stay fit with sports activities. What about a little extra?

The Massage

The massage is one of the oldest healing methods of mankind. There is nothing like a pleasant massage after a hard day of work. Therefore you can find a massage chair in the Fitness room for back and leg massage and a massage bench in the wellness area. If you need a specific massage or treatment, let us know in advance and we will be pleased to have a masseur from our Wellness team come to the Waldhotel.

We look forward to welcome you.

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