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Region Neanderland

Welcome to Neanderland

Although the area is very dense with the nearby cities of Düsseldorf, Essen, Wuppertal and Cologne the district of Mettmann managed to preserve free spaces in a natural environment. Nature reserves and parks represent 44 percent of the total area.

Historical and modern Cities offer shopping malls and plenty of tourist und cultural attractions and are also powerful economical centers.

One can just take it easy on the nicely renovated market squares or simply meet with friends to have a good time. The cities of the district are interconnected by a cycling path of 190km length. Joggers or hikers will find plenty of paths throughout the area.

Seven Golf courses, Public pools including one natural Pool, Waterskiing, climbing Tennis, gliding, horseback riding, boating and much more complete the offer for various activities.

Families can enjoy excursions to the Fairy tale zoo at the Blue Lake in Ratingen for example or visit the famous Neanderthal museum that virtually attract visitors with constantly changing exhibitions.

“Neanderland”, is the brand of the district. The 10 participating cities develop different projects to discover the area, like for example the Museum night, the Neanderland bicycle tour on the Panorama cycle path (see our package regarding this path), hikes on the Neanderland Steig which surrounds the Neanderland…

Our city, Heiligenhaus, has two sides: working and living in the nature. There are many small companies in various sectors, but mostly companies who produce hightec products for the automobile industry. Heiligenhaus is also very close to plenty of big important cities and has a lot of activities to offer, such as 3 museums, a small lake and so on. The neighbor city Velbert, located east of Heiligenhaus houses a very famous church in Newiges, Langenberg has a beautiful old town center dating from the 16th century. You will find the german museum that tells you everything about locks and doors. Enjoy the journey through 4000 years of history.

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